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Lead Designer

New development and concept based off user feedback and biz dev feedback on low growth in key markets.

Analyze (product development analytics with broad integration base) had a  feature set that was not sticking with our customer base. Users wanted meaningful metrics and more impactful insights. “OK, I see data and graphs, but so what? How does this help my workflow?” We were providing snapshots of historic events, but nothing projecting to their next milestone.

VP’s and managers for complex product development orgnaizations. Hardware + software (aero, medical, automotive).

2 designer, product manager, 4 developers, 1 QA.

Starts with the right questions. The quality of questions asked, both internally and externally, at the start of a project is critical to its success to add significant value to users.

We found our customers organization operate in a phase gate motion, and in these “gates” is where the hard decisions need to be made. Are we on track? Do we need more time? Resources? Risks? These are the questions our users live with. So anything we needs to address their workflow as they operate in a red, yellow, green world.

Next we share and present to the team. This was critical, I’ve found teams that have buy in and care about what they are building should make a better product, sure, but more they are much more fun to work with.

Next we build. Quick and dirty to start (first concepts were white-boarded for this concept). Eventually moved this into a Sketch design as our team uses sketch and invision for most of our design work. Deliverables here are designs that are testable, something we could show to our users and give them a legitimate look and feel of our proposed solution.

Next we test our concepts. Took the feedback and iterated as fast as possible. Our hypothesis was confirmed, but the implementation and technical constraints of our solution had its challenges.


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