CARS App Redesign

Lead Designer

Opportunity: Redesign the existing CARS APP, used by 10+ Department of Transportation agencies, to a more modern design that enhances the UX when interacting with the app.

Process: After designing the CARS OneWeb overhaul we needed to update the current CARS APP to provide a consistent UX on all platforms. As a brand servicing large federal organizations continuity in products is paramount.

We also took the opportunity to redesign more than just font types and color schemes. We upgraded all icons, redesigned the top and bottom nav, redesigned the search UI, and overhauled the settings. Furthermore, we improved the UI and IA of our new tutorial feature, providing users with better access to app education.

A big change in this design is the convergence of a previously separate app called, “Truckers” to the 511 App. We received a lot of negative user feedback with our previous “two-app-method” so we decided to make it unified.

ProjectRedesign of CARS APP


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