The Hanai Foundation

The Hanai Foundation is a non-profit organization in Bend, Oregon that operates The Hanai Center, a creative gathering place that nourishes authentic connection and transformational growth. It was an honor to be apart of their team during the infancy of the foundation as we built our mission, identified market potential and reached out to users for feedback.

As a UX Designer, my task was to understand and chart the non-profit landscape in Central Oregon to understand what are the true needs of the area and how the Hanai Foundation can best place its energy to solve. To interview prospective users of the Hanai Center and compile meaningful data on users needs and expectations of a modern meeting place. And finally, to develop a modern and beautiful website that matches the needs of our users.

I love the mission and energy of the Hanai Foundation and I continue to advise their core team on web best practices as the start to break ground on the Hani Center.

ClientThe Hanai Foundation
ProjectUX | Web Dev
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